biz:Examiner as e assessment software
biz:Examiner as e examination software
biz:Examiner as e testing software
biz:Examiner as eduServer for the pocket
manage and execute exams
Comprehensive online examination
Secure and reliable execution
Complete assessment live cycle
Test delivery
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Comprehensive online examination, secure and reliable
execution, and complete assessment lifecycle management.
Enterprise grade software
Multi-instance support and permission system allows deep customization to fully model your business through biz:Examiner.
Advanced API capabilities allow effective deep-integrations with your own management software and CRM systems.
Full cycle workflow management
Manage exam schedules, testing, certificates, and accounting.
All stages of the assessment workflow is represented with a host of management tools through biz:Examiner.
Scale through your partner network
biz:Examiner provides full-stack partner management and authorization features.
We provided you control and automation to scale & expedite your growth through empowering your certification partners.
Reliability and security at scale
Lock-down environments ensure the risk-free execution of remote exams.
Our optional proctoring support, as well as a global partnership of physical test-centers can help grow your business.
Multiple disaster scenario features insulate your participants from a large spectrum of potential network connection and computer issues.
Reporting and analytics
Analyze all aspects of your assessment lifecycle: understand partner and trainer impact, support your network with deep insights, keep an overview of schedules, single attendances, and participants.
Exam and item performance analytics can help you improve and calibrate your exam quality.
Power features for advanced customers
We support a growing set of question types to meet all needs of modern exam use-cases.
Advanced modules for flexible role creation, assignment of custom permissions, and the creation of levels and dependencies between assignments.
Case studies and references
Clients all over the world thrust in the use of biz:Examiner.
Here you find case studies and some other reference examples.
case study header image
Rapid change to online exams at University IMC FH Krems due to Covid-19 crisis.
case study header image
Immersive SAP®
training & examination
using biz:Examiner
case study header image
EBC*L scales exams
to new heights using
case study header image
Major improvements
at University of Applied Siences FH JOANNEUM
by using biz:Examiner
IMC FH Krems Logo

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems with around 3000 students from 50 countries.

FH St.Pölten Logo

St.Pölten University of Applied Sciences

TU Wien Logo

Technical University Vienna

WKO Logo

The Austrian Economic Chamber functions as the federal parent organization for the nine State Chambers and 110 trade associations for different industries within Austria's system of economy.

SGD Logo

Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt as a leading distance learning institution in Germany with over 60.000 students each year.

Workforce Logo

Workforce Group is the leading outsourcing, recruitment, assessment, learning and development HR consulting company in Nigeria.

WBH Logo

Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule is a distance learning university in Germany for technical studies.

SGD Logo

Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce is an organization for 79 'chambers' who represents companies within the German state.

Apollon Logo

Apollon Hochschule is a german distance learning university of applied sciences in the health sector with more than 3.900 students.


The CSLA Institute Board of Standards is a nonprofit organization in U.S. to provide specialized education programs to licensed financial professionals who advise clients about student loan repayment programs.

Euro FH Logo

Euro FH is a distance learning university of applied sciences for bachelor and master degrees in Germany.

UK Skills Logo

UK Skills is an enabler, an organisation dedicated to bringing best practice, quality educational resources and innovative systems from the UK to India.

Apollon Akademie Logo

Apollon Academy is an academy in Germany in the sectors of health, social and psychology.

f4i Logo

fit4internet is a public nonprofit organisation for qualifying and improving digital skills supported by the Austrian federal ministry for digital and economic affairs.

ILS Logo

ILS Institut für Lernsysteme is the most known distance learning institution in Germany with around 80.000 students each year.

Scaled online test delivery
Students can take exams using biz:Examiner from anywhere, in a test center or on their desktop or mobile device. Our user interface is fully mobile ready and developed under the web content accessibility guidelines. The exams can be taken in any modern browser as well as over specialiced lockdown clients.
Remote proctoring
We offer a full spectrum of optional proctoring solutions for the safe and secure exam execution.
Several third party proctoring solutions are integrated with biz:Examiner to have a seamless workflow in administration and test execution.
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We strive to deliver the latest innovations & state-of-the-art technology to the field of electronic assessment, realizing the best possible benefit for public and private institutions.

The biz:Examiner team brings a combined 20+ years of experience to the field of online testing.
Our team aspires to develop the best and most reliable system for our global customer base.

Through our software solutions and in-depth service we empower a growing industry segment to upgrade to the future of examination.

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