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biz:Examiner as e examination software
biz:Examiner as e testing software
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manage and execute exams
on Demand or virtual appliance
secure and guarded execution
exam workflow management
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what is biz:Examiner?
biz:Examiner is an enterprise Server-Client eAssessment software solution with strong focus on high stability, top performance, high data security and comprehensive workflow management.
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on Demand or virtual appliance

exam contents need high protection and have privacy as much as possible. biz:Examiner is available as a virtual server solution for integration into your server environment or on Demand hosted by us.

no Connection Problems

multiple disaster scenario features help your participants to survive all kind of network connection and computer problems during an examination. Already given answers could be encrypted stored locally in case of failure.

no cheating

the biz:Examiner - Client denies participants tabbing into system or opening other programs.
the actual questions are drawn from the pool on starting the exam. nobody knows in advance which questions he/she will get.

workflow management

manage exam schedules, certificate printing, accounting. all workflow around eAssessments can be managed with biz:Examiner.

external exam driver

Even if you have different exam drivers, you can manage the exam process with biz:Examiner and use different external exam drivers through API services.

external workflows

If you prefer to use another software for managing the exam process, you can connect the external workflow management system through API services to biz:Examiner.

multi owner

one biz:Examiner - installation can have multiple content owners. Each owner has his/her own exams, questions and own certificate products. It is possible to configure the access rights of content for each owner.

multi organizations

one biz:Examiner - installation can support multiple organizations. Each organization has its own participant groups, own proctors, own locations, etc.

multi instances

a biz:Examiner installation can comprise several instances which allow customers to use their own templates/skins as well as individual domains.

certificate printing

Exam certificates are based on HTML templates and will be generated as PDF files, which can be printed compiled by exam date.

statistics and data export

different kinds of statistics and data export.

innovative question types

question types like screen simulator, drag and drop by properties and much more are available.

why biz:Examiner?
what makes biz:Examiner unique?
We actually use biz:Examiner ourselves on behalf of different organisations to fulfil their assessment needs. So we know exactly what's really needed!
Different certification and assessment platforms are using biz:Examiner and developed their products based on biz:Examiner because it's possible to get individual pricing models.
With biz:Examiner, the Customer's needs always come first!
The biz:Examiner team always go above and beyond as regards their provision of customer support.
All license costs are included. There is no need for third party licenses like for the server software.
biz:Examiner uses a generic and modular software architecture enabling the customization of every aspect of biz:Examiner to provide customers with exactly what they need.
what can we do for you
we help our customers develop their own products based on our solutions.


we help to find out which features of the biz:Examiner will meet your specific business needs. we also help you to find the workflows which are to be implemented for automation. Your savings in exam administration are our business!


customizing is not only configuring exam templates and designing custom login pages. In a business environment there are mostly different systems that need to be connected. developing custom question types, custom question evaluations, special examination workflows - that's all customizing and helps to have the biggest impact with biz:Examiner to your business.


we offer wide range of support depending on your specific needs. user-training, installing the software environment, second and third level support. our partners around the globe can help on site whenever necessary.

who we are

biz:Develop and its related companies from Vienna in Austria has established itself as a service provider for education, consulting and education-related software. We develop server supported software and database systems for education and general administrative purposes for public and private institutions.

our motto:
do what you love – use what you’ve created – share with others"
Demo registration
Here you can register for a demo access to a biz:Examiner demo instance.
You will receive an email with demo access credentials.
our customers and partners
our current customers use biz:Examiner for certification, self-assessments, managing exam workflows and for authoring and questions management.

how to contact us?

Informationstechnologie GmbH

Neulinggasse 29/1/5B
A-1030 Wien
+43 676 638 2212
United Kingdom
Murray Silver
2 The Causeway Halstead
Essex CO9 1ET
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